Our Mission

APIC-Yakima brings together Americans of Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander ancestry who live and work in Yakima Valley. Asians, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders must celebrate, recognize, and acknowledge the racial diversity role they have here for progressive systemic change. More voters are needed to elect public servants who share our values and look more like us.

Naturalization, voter registration and voting are the important steps to leadership roles in our elections. The coalition group includes immigrants, refugees, and American citizens who use their collective strength and diversity to empower and contribute to the advancement of our communities. Family values, cultural traditions and immigrant history are the building blocks on which we base our outreach and consensus building.

History and Infrastructure

The Asian Pacific Islander Coalition of Yakima County (APIC Yakima) in South-Central Washington, is one of seven chapters in the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition of Washington (APIC WA).

APIC Yakima began over 15 years ago with a small group of community-minded volunteers who assisted many at the Wapato Filipino Community Hall in learning about immigrant rights, pathways to citizenship, and voter empowerment. This knowledge gave AAPIs the leverage to understanding legislative issues and provides the platform to promote state and federal social and economic reform for our communities. BIPOC civic empowerment to increase registered voter turnout is our goal for all our underserved minority groups in Yakima Valley.

A statewide Asian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Legislative platform was adopted in January 2022; the goals, objectives and concerns are brought to our legislators on A&PI Legislative Days on February 2nd and 3rd. This platform also serves as our compass through the entire year.

We are dedicated to promoting equity by advocating for:

  • voter registration and education by Get Out the Vote (GOTV) events.
  • family health and human services education through access to language appropriate information.
  • civic education, empowerment and building a database for community members of Asian-American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander ancestry.
  • immigration rights and comprehensive immigration policy reform in developing a culturally appropriate naturalization education and transition process.
    community anti-Asian racial bias outreach and advocacy for racial equity.
  • COVID 19 virus education, protective supplies and promoting safe health practices.

Based upon the 2020 Census data, there are approximately 6,000 Americans of Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander ancestry living and working in Yakima County. We continue to build grassroots community outreach programs to meet the needs for comprehensive immigration and healthcare reform. To build an accurate database, voter disaggregation for those with Spanish surnames is ongoing. We want the ability to create several communication bridges to the AAPI communities.

APIC-Yakima promotes diversity and recognizes the need for language and culturally appropriate educational materials in their work. Today, APIC-Yakima engages across Yakima County and South-Central Washington creating strong ties within the Asian and API communities, uplifting immigrant families, building awareness and joining/creating coalitions with other BIPOC communities.

Monthly Brain Trust Meetings are held to share news updates, report on recent accomplishments, and sharing our future development plans. Environmental justice issues are discussed as well as how current legislation affects our minority group. These meetings introduce critical topics for candid discussion and feedback; they foster insight into local socioeconomic concerns that directly affect our communities.

APIC-Yakima’s fiscal sponsor is the Yakima Valley Community Foundation, with additional support from Asian Counseling & Referral Service in Seattle. Both have graciously allowed us to do our work under their C-3 guidance. The coalition will eventually apply for 501 (c-3) status creating the necessary infrastructure for an independent Board of Directors and support staff.

APIC Yakima Staff

Dori Peralta Baker
Dori Peralta BakerExecutive Director

Dori Peralta Baker is a 2nd generation Filipina born and raised in San Jose, CA. She married Geoffrey Baker and became a military wife. After 7 years in Europe, she launched her career with MPA Media, a marketing, public relations and advertising firm based in Huntington Beach, CA. She retired as their Marketing Director. Dori stepped away on Dec 31, 2022; her replacement will be announced soon.

Dori has followed her passions and promoted the diversity in Yakima Valley by honoring the rich pioneer history of the pioneer Filipino families that first settled here in the 1920s. She is a founding member of the Filipino American National Historical Society-Yakama Chapter 26 and archives photos and historical documents. As a Founding Member of the Mabuhay Foundation, Dori created a scholarship program. She also developed curriculum for the UW GEAR UP Parent Academy which created pathways to higher education for racial minority students.

In 2005, at the urging of Kara Kondo, Dori accepted the position as Yakima County Chair for the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition. Empowering APIs to naturalize, register and vote and family education are major commitments for Dori is important. Her APIC Yakima coalition and partnership building efforts continues in the diverse Yakima Valley. She is a member of the: NAACP  Branch 1140, League of Women Voters of Yakima County, Filipino American Community of Yakima Valley and currently serves on the Yakima City Community Integration Committee.

Paul Tabayoyon is the Community Outreach Coordinator for our Yakima Chapter of the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC-Yakima). I have always claimed Yakima Washington as my home. After 20 years of travel in the United States and western hemisphere, working a career in engineering services, continuing my education has always been central to my achieving my goals.

In 2019, I graduated from Central Washington University with a bachelor’s degree of Science in Integrated Energy Management, an Energy Manager and Systems Analyst.

Adding environment, social, and economic considerations into my previous career of industrial automation and project management, I feel I have increased my understanding of the equity imbalances across many spectrum. Having grown up in a small community, I still have ties to family and childhood friends, and work to improve our community.

Through being present, involved, and willing to take the initiative, we can improve access to information and educational programs to ensure that everyone, regardless of economic or social status, has the opportunity to improve themselves, their families, and their communities. I feel I understand the need for strong diversity where contributions come from many different economic, social, and cultural sources within our communities.

Paul Tabayoyon
Paul TabayoyonCommunity Outreach

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