Come Join Us!

Our sense of community is supported by our cultural events, helpful workshops, and gatherings to share our thoughts and dilemmas. We problem solve together and create projects and provide services to help our families thrive.

There are no fees to join our activities and we are not politically aligned with any political party. We support voters’ rights as well as a path to citizenship. We believe that becoming a well-educated voter when marking your ballot, is empowering for our families and communities.

Our work is volunteer-based and in alignment with other BIPOC groups who share our mutual concerns. Collaboration and coalition building provides positive outreach for issues that affect jobs and addresses roadblocks to our community’s peace and prosperity.

Refer to the calendar for the monthly Brain Trust Meetings and register for other activities that may interest you. As a volunteer, we welcome your time and talents . . . come join us!

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To strengthen communications with the over 6,000 AAPIs in Yakima Valley, we invite you to also join our communications database.

Towards the latter part of 2022, we will launch a monthly newsletter to help keep our coalition updated on events, state health and social programs, environmental issues and important opportunities for our seniors and students.

All AAPIs and friends in Yakima Valley are welcome to register to receive communication updates. Thank you for supporting this APIC-Yakima project.

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Why Give?

We fully support coalition diversity building within our BIPOC community to ensure equal representation and civic empowerment in issues that matter to our AAPI community. Our immigrant families should transition to life in Yakima Valley through civic engagement, education, and access to transitional state and federal programs.

Our mantra clearly states our purpose and vision. Join us in our activities and events; support our projects and programs. Thank You!

Donations by check should be made payable to “Yakima Valley Community Foundation” with “APIC Yakima Fund” listed in the note area.

Mail the check to:
Yakima Valley Community Foundation
111 University Parkway, Ste 102
Yakima, WA 98901

Click on the Online Donation portal to make a credit card donation to the APIC Yakima Fund at YVCF. Electronic transfer protocols can be directed to Lisa Fresco at YVCF,

Getting Involved

Getting involved means taking the time and energy to share your talents and knowledge with others. This means the project is important to you and you are willing to help others.

  • Helping at a voter registration table
  • Introducing a section on Citizenship Orientation
  • Teaching others basic computer skills
  • Sharing information with seniors on our Freedom from Fear whistles
  • Providing scholarship resource information with High School Seniors
  • Organizing a rally