In Our Community, We Stand Together

Early pioneer families who arrived in the early 1920’s, helped each other through difficult times. The support and caring for each other continues today for our Asian and Asian Pacific Islander families.

Civic Education & Community Empowerment

Asians and Asian Pacific Islanders are proud to be part of our communities contributing to the agricultursl, medical, educational and professional business economies. The communities we live in are often first to feel the impacts of a less democratic system. We understand the diversity of our community and the power built through representation. Engaging and initiating programs and events, we seek to educate the AAPI Community about the advantages of registering to vote and becoming knowledgeable about civic issues that affect them and their families.

We strive to increase our voter turnout which shows empowerment; we are present and no longer invisible. Voting is the impetus to elect representatives that reflect our communities. Having a presence and voice is our advocacy message.

Access to Social Services

Access to social services is often limited in our Asian communities because of language comprehension, cultural barriers, and computer illiteracy. Helping our community to understand access to state and nonprofit resources offered during this Covid pandemic has been a primary focus. Helping to access social services can have positive benefits for good health and prosperity.

Using the Trusted Messenger model, individuals who have a grass roots on-the-ground level understanding of the community. Our outreach is within meetings/events, organizational gatherings, and presentations. We encourage contacting our coalition through email and phone to find out more about how we can connect you or your organization to resources that may be available.

Community Outreach

In February of 2020 APIC-Yakima began its first outreach campaign for the Census 2020, only to have the Covid pandemic interrupt normal activities. Adapting to our new digital communications environment, we diverted our outreach. Zoom meetings, open-air gatherings, TV 30-second spots, and the occasional one-on-one became how we ensured our voice and message were continuously present.

Through outreach efforts, The Yakima Asian Pacific Islander Coalition participates in many activities from virtual to in-person events. We collaborate with other BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) organizations and coalitions for a greater collaborative voice. Our presence and participation enables us to identify and address needs to include food equity, environmental justice, educational/civic engagement, PPE, as well as social and health services.

Environmental Justice

Many of our families live in rural agrarian areas that have higher rates of pollution and increased health issue exposure. Our communities often do not have the ability for input that created our current environmental health issues. Today, we are committed to educating our community about how we can have warmer more efficient homes and how to maintain a healthy environment.

The HEAL Act (Healthy Environment for All Act), and CETA (Clean Energy Transformation Act) will create change to our electrical and vehicle use as our state commits to lower greenhouse gas emissions. APIC Yakima wants to play a major leadership role in assisting our AAPI community to understand and participate in future environmental programs.